A Message from Councillor Josh Matlow

Josh Matlow

Congratulations to the students, parents, staff and alumni of North Toronto Collegiate Institute on the centenary of one of our city’s finest schools.

It was an honour to serve as our community’s school trustee and work closely with students, parents, alumni and local residents to build a beautiful new facility that is now the envy of Toronto. The alumni and community worked very hard to preserve the history of the old building through the creation of the Heritage Courtyard. While it was hard to say goodbye to memories contained in the old building, it was not difficult to leave what was known as “the stairway to nowhere” or a gym so small that basketball players were permitted to stand inbounds while throwing an out of bounds pass. I even
remember seeing pieces of the ceiling crumble as I’d walk through the hallway.

Now our championship football and all NT teams have a remarkable field to call their own and a modern auditorium to host Maytime Melodies and other celebrations.

The new North Toronto Collegiate Institute merits the excellence of its students, parents, staff and neighbourhood.  We had a dream and made it a reality.

The founders of this great school created a legacy of education that contributed to the great success of our North Toronto community.

One hundred years later, the spirit of red and grey continues.