5: White Ribbon Bake Sale

Nathan Brandwein


From Mr Roche’s “Roche Cookies” to Mr. Nicolet’s Key Lime Pie, the staff bake sale was, without an ounce of uncertainty, the icing on the cake. The once-a-year event featured an array of baked goods sold for a fixed price of one dollar each. All the proceeds went to the White Ribbon Campaign. It wasn’t just the food that was selling like hot cakes. What a shock it was to find out that each dessert was magnificently handcrafted by a North Torontoteacher – some of whom are quite talented bakers. In fact, several should seriously consider quitting their day job and going off to culinary school (I’m sure there are students out there that would strongly support that idea). This time around, the teachers were graded on their baking abilities, but the outcome was bittersweet. According to one judge, “I regret eating the humble pie.”