6: Halloween for Hunger

Angalee Nadesalingam


You might have seen the huge pile of boxes in the foyer during the month of November. Or you might have heard the Hot Air Crew singing, “Cans, cans, can you bring your cans cans,” in the tune of the Cancan. What was that all about? Yes, you guessed it…a Food Can Drive! Free the Children (FTC) was collecting non-perishable food and canned goods for Native Child and Family Services, a church organization, and the Daily Bread Food Bank. A number of students in our club went out on Halloween night and collected hundreds of cans door-to-door. “It was a blast, “said Adrienne Clement who participated; “we ordered pizza, had fun with our friends, and were helping charity the whole time! Does it get any better?” The following week the amazing students at NT brought in hundreds more cans from home. Special congratulations to Ms. Knight’s homeform for collecting a whooping 116 cans. A grand total of 773 cans were collected! CBC was impressed with NT’s efforts and featured our food drive on the radio show Metro Morning. We’d like to thank all the students and teachers at NT for helping out. FTC would also like to thank you on behalf of the Torontonians who will be going to sleep this holiday season with a full belly because of all your generous donations.