Spring Has Sprung So NT Come Have Some Fun!

Lily Ljubicic


With the beautiful weather approaching as April is just around the corner, NT is quickly
catching spring fever. What better way to welcome the arrival of spring than
with our annual Spring Fling week! Student council has organized a fun-filled
week packed with a variety of themes and events for the school to participate in.

Monday will start the week off with Twin Day, where students can dress up in the same
clothes as their friends as they join in on many exciting events happening at
lunch. With Tuesday comes Pyjama Day, and who would want to miss out on being
able to roll out of bed and head straight to school without having to worry
about your outfit?! The best part is that free hot chocolate will be given out
to anyone who wears their PJ’s to school, and Modern Family will even be
playing in the auditorium at lunch (served with popcorn of course). On
Wednesday students can rock out to Rockstar Day, where a Guitar Hero
competition will be held in the auditorium at lunch, and winners will receive
some rockin’ candy! Thursday will wrap up Spring Fling week with Jersey day.
Students can wear their favourite jersey and compete in a dodgeball competition
in the gym.

As event-filled as this year’s Spring Fling week is destined to be, many students
can’t hesitate to wonder whatever happened to last year’s Candy Chaos themed

“We didn’t want to do Candy Chaos because we weren’t fans of all the excess candy,
and by having Candy Chaos, we’d have to limit our ideas as to what events we
could host,” says social convener Inbar Levona. “We missed having the classics!”

Candy Chaos wasn’t the biggest hit for the entire NT population last year. Students
were placed into teams that integrated every grade, and the teams represented
colours and characters from “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory”. The
students competed alongside their teammates in events that happened every day
at lunch, from tug-of-war, to scavenger hunt, to massive candy creations.

Christina Atkinson, one of last year’s grade eleven team leaders, decided that Candy
Chaos had its pros and cons. “The events were actually really enjoyable and got
a variety of people involved,” she said. “Overall it did exactly what it
intended to: get NTers excited by pumping sugar through them.”

However, since students were chosen by student council to be “team leaders”, many
students who didn’t want to participate felt a lot of pressure to stand up for
their teams. “Because of the forced leadership, I noticed some leaders backed
down and only naturally spirited grade elevens and twelves fully participated
every day,” Christina remembered.

Still, no one can say no to candy, and all-in-all last year’s brand new Candy Chaos
was a success.

“We did love how much effort and time the last Council put in; they worked really
hard on it and they were unbelievably organized,” Inbar said.

It will be nice to go back to the traditional Spring Fling week themes this year,
so NT bring out your school spirit that’s been hiding away during all those
gloomy winter months, and get involved in Spring Fling 2012!