1: Bacon Strips & Bacon Strips & Bacon Strips & Bacon Strips

Miranda Ramnares


NT’s Charity week is a breeding ground for radical, inventive, and often silly ideas. Last year brought us assault-o-grams, piggy back rides, and marriage booths, and this year promises to be just as creative. For an entire week in February, the students in Mr. Stamps’ grade eleven homeform will be running a “Bacon Bake Sale” featuring a variety of food revolving around, you guessed it, bacon. “We’ll have bacon cake, cookies, candy bacon and of course, real bacon” says George Calzaretto, the class rep. “It’s going to be delicious! We hope people are curious enough to try it out.” Liam Morantz, a student in Mr. Stamp’s home form adds, “It’s kind of inspired by Epic Meal Time [on YouTube]”. Epic Meal Time is one of the most viewed channels on YouTube right now, the stars of it are testosterone charged Canadian chefs whose specialty is anything that is meaty, massive, covered in maple syrup, soaked in Jack Daniels and stuffed with bacon with calories in the thousands. Now the only thing students have to make sure of is that the profits are as high as the calorie count.