The Crossing Guard

Nina Fainman-Adelman


I am never on time for school. Even though I live 5 minutes
away, I leave my house every day at 8:57 in a near-sprint, often spilling my
breakfast, dropping my homework, or forgetting my cell phone. Its chaos. But,
amongst all the morning madness, there is one thing that I can rely on: a
bright, toothy, smile, from Marianna, the local crossing guard. Nesting at the
Duplex-Montgomery intersection, this new-to-Canada Filipino woman is just the
sweetest thing to ever help North Toronto locals safely cross the street. A few
days ago, when exceptionally late for school, Marianna hurries me across the
street exclaiming “you are late! You are late!” repeatedly. No matter what
morning shenanigans have gone on, I always come to school smiling.  With Marianna on duty, she’ll have you safe and smiling every day.