3. Draw Something

Anna Crombie


Possibly the app of the year, a simple and classic game turned digital, Drawsomething has consumed the time of millions. The app’s popularity skyrocketed in weeks and
has had over 20 million downloads, surpassing the 2012 kings of the app world,
Angry Birds and Instagram. Perhaps the app’s success is from its roots in
Pictionary, the favorite board game of many, yet with easy access through
electronics. Or, its success may be due to the ability to connect and play with
Facebook friends. Those who play Drawsomething may be familiar with the types
of players and their drawing mannerisms. Some are simply lazy in their drawing,
and stick to easy words and stick figures. Some are so lazy they will just
write the word (I can’t say I’m not guilty of this). While others, will draw an
entire rain forest for their opponent who is to guess the word leaf. Whatever
Drawsomething player one may be, the app can entertain for hours and could very
well be the recent cause for plummeting grades.