9: Semi

Inbar Levona


You know what’s the bee’s knees? Semi. I kid you not! This year Semi is supporting Spread the Net, our chosen charity of the year, by donating all profits from ticket sales and invitations directly to the charity. This year’s theme is a Winter Masquerade, meaning you get to dress up all fancy n’ stuff. When you buy a ticket, you will receive a plain, plastic mask. You must take that mask and decorate it however you like, then bring it to semi, as there will be prizes awarded for best decorated masks! Another neat thing, when you arrive at semi, you have the option of donating $1.00 to request a song, or $2.00 to request a song and write a shout-out for the DJ to announce. Some of you are probably thinking “gross, semi, charities repulse me.” I bet your friends don’t repulse you, and they’re going to be there. I also promise high fives and secret handshakes to all those who request one at semi.


With love,

Your Social Convener