Lucky flower: Rose

Lucky Subway Stop: Museum

1. 2. 3. 4. Tell her that you love her more, but don’t be too desperate… let the hunnies come to you.



Lucky Flower: tulip

Lucky Subway Stop: Warden

Stop and check your shoe size. Your carbon footprint is hella big! Start to respect the Earth; motha nature is watching.



Lucky flower: Poppy

Lucky Subway Stop: Keele

Keep the sass to a minimum this month; there are people watching that are not impressed with your attitude… tsk tsk.



Lucky flower: Sunflower

Lucky Subway Stop: Lawrence

Enjoy the small things, Cancer. Christmas came and went and all you could think about were your presents and that craazy jam you planned on attending New Years Eve. What about your brother’s smile when he opened a great gift?



Lucky flower: Petunia

Lucky Subway Stop: Bathurst

That far too expensive Christmas gift you didn’t get? Go for it and splurge! You’re about to make racks on racks on racks or stacks on stacks on stacks (my powers can’t tell). But who cares, live it up!



Lucky flower: Lily

Lucky Subway Stop: Queen

That New Years’ resolution you made (to impress that girl) to save kids in Africa, at least TRY to keep it. If not in Africa, do something locally or if all else fails cut back on chips like you promised.



Lucky flower: Daffodil

Lucky Subway Stop: Woodbine

Things are about to go your way. After a mediocre holiday season filled with yule logs and sour egg nog, you deserve it. Go have some phun!




Lucky flower: Black-Eyed Susan

Lucky Subway Stop: Dundas West

Someone close to you is not to be trusted. They were the ones who put coal in your stocking and blew out all 8 candles on the menorah. Watch your back Capricorn.



Lucky flower: Dandelion

Lucky Subway Stop: Kipling

Seriously? You got her THAT for the holidays…. go beg for forgiveness!




Lucky flower: Aloe Vera

Lucky Subway Stop: Main

You’re really going to complain about your 86%…? I got a 72% and I’m raising the roof! Lay off your teachers would ya? And remember that George Brown IS a great school.



Lucky flower: Cactus (all types, don’t discriminate)

Lucky Subway Stop: College

Make sure you look rockin’ at semi! Someone will be taking notice; it could be your own prince charming. WORK THOSE MASKS!



Lucky flower: Violet

Lucky Subway Stop: Jane

Try opening your textbooks in the new year… your transcript needs it. Laura Murphy isn’t impressed!!