7: Mrs. Desousa

Dayna Goldfarb


Although no one can quite compare to the eccentric Mr. Pidgeon, Mrs. Desousa is doing a pretty good job. Mr. Pidgeon retired after 17 years of teaching at North Toronto,
leaving Mrs. Desousa to teach science. She can make science (almost) bearable,
starting each lesson with a fun fact, and bringing a fresh and new perspective
to everything. We get a lot of hands on experience, and I’ve already learned a
lot in the few weeks that she’s been here. She’s very knowledgeable, and can
always answer everyone’s question. It’s clear that she truly loves her job. Not
only is she an amazing teacher, but she’s also a nice person, always smiling
and happy to be at school. She’s very approachable, and is willing to give her
students extra help, or to stop for a minute and talk. She may not be as
wizened as Mr. Pidgeon, but she is definitely a great addition to our staff.