How to Do Gradient Nails

Annie Robinson


What You Need:

  • 1 bottle of light-coloured nail polish
  • 1 bottle of medium-coloured nail polish
  • 1 bottle of dark-coloured nail polish
  •  1 bottle of topcoat
  • 1 bottle of sparkle nail polish (optional)
  • 1 Popsicle stick or orange stick (a small, wooden stick that has a flat end on one side that is often used for painting nails)



Gradient nail art takes time, so make sure you have 30 minuets to prep and perfect your manicure. While you paint your nails be patient. Perfecting gradient nails does not happen instantly –  the more you practice, the better the results!


1)    Soak your hands in warm water to soften cuticles and prep your nail beds for painting.

2)    Paint your nails with a base coat (base coats are important: they protect your nails from some of nail polish’s harmful ingredients).

3)    Paint your nail from the tip to the bottom using your lightest coloured nail polish. To keep the polish looking smooth and even, use only a thin layer of nail polish.

4)    Use the medium coloured nail polish and paint half your nail from the tip to the centre.

5)    Carefully use the flat edge of your orange stick (or Popsicle stick) to blend the medium and light coloured polishes together.

6)    Paint the tip of your nail with your darkest nail colour, being diligent to keep your hand steady and secure.

7)    Blend the dark and medium polishes together using your orange stick (or Popsicle stick).

Repeat steps 5-9 on each of your nails.

8)    If you want to add a glittery finishing touch to your gradient nail art, paint over every nail with a sparkly nail polish.