Andrew Lopatin

Angalee Nadesalingam


A lot of us pass by them everyday. We hardly glance at them as we hurry to make
the 9 o’clock bell at school. But, sometimes one of them will catch your eye.
For me, it was Andrew Lopatin the guitarist who occasionally plays at Eglinton
station. He often plays familiar tunes like “Beat It” and “Air Tap!” But, what
really made me stop right in my tracks was the way he would sit down with the
guitar on his knees and play it as if it were a piano. And, I have to admit, I couldn’t
help but walk over to him and speak with him. This ex-Italian chef confesses
that he loves his job. In fact, at 21 years old and as a subway musician he is
satisfied with his life. “What an awesome day busking in the subway today…One
three year old kid busts out the moves while I play a Michael Jackson
hit…Another five year old kid conducts while I play my music…Another two
year old dances to AirTap…Then of course the crowds of 20 watching…” he
remarks happily. Andrew’s talent is a gift to Toronto, as is the music of many
other musicians who live here. So if he doesn’t catch your eye, let another
artist carry you into their world. Then you just might have something to smile
about while you wait in line for your late slip from the VPO.