1: Grad Photo

Jill Smith


So, the other day, I found the NT Marauder’s Map (yes, Harry Potter fans, it exists) and snuck up to the roof. While I was up there, I decided to take the grad group photo for the yearbook. Suddenly, as I was looking down at our new field, I had a flashback back to the good ol’ grade nine gym homeform days. Those days started off with the annoying trek all the way to Eglinton Park. When the period had almost passed, we would start our voyage back. Next, the girls change room, where something probably died. The source of its deadly stench will remain a mystery. But of course, second period always began with a diss and chuckle from Mr. Pidgeon, and then a stop at the office to pick up a late slip. Luckily, I wasn’t the only 01BOU girl in the science class, so I was never really singled out. (But trust me, it ain’t fun being singled out by the Pidge). Eglinton Park caused way too many problems, so we shouldn’t take this new field for granted. Therefore, I’ve come to two conclusions. One: the grad photo is pretty freakin’ cool. Two: grade nines, consider yourselves lucky.