The Right Wing is the Best Wing

Fayed Gaya and Josh Ehrlich


The Wings

If you are looking for a happening wing place, The Right Wing is the place for you! They makes dry rub wings in bistro and jumbo size, the latter being bigger. Their wings are fresh and succulent, exploding in your mouth with flavor. My favorite flavor of wings from their 43, yes you heard me correctly, 43 flavors to choose from, are the salt and vinegar wings. The wings taste exactly like quality salt and vinegar chips, but tender and meaty! You can tell the wings are fresh by looking at the white bone. The blood from the wings, that are kept frozen for long amounts of time, soaks into the bone turning them a darkish brown. This freshness gives the wings that juicy taste that other wings don’t always have.

The Burger

Imagine two perfectly shaped burger buns. And think, in between these buns, an orchestra of toppings. You start with a fresh piece of moist lettuce. Then, you add in a mouth watering tomato slice and a tangy piece of sliced onion. Last, but definitely not least, a flame grilled patty so good, that it could distract you from free money. This, ladies and gents, is a plain burger from The Right Wing. And when I say plain, I mean you can build your own burger with seven types of meat, six types of cheeses, and twenty-one toppings and sauces. You walk into this fine restaurant, eat the burger, and walk out a better person.

Final Thoughts

 A good restaurant is not all about food, even though that is a big part of it. Great food takes time to make, so while you’re waiting for your great food, there are 20 HD TVs to watch, a pool table, several dart boards, and foosball. The Right Wing also does catering, hosts birthday parties, wild sporting events like UFC nights, and the occasional fundraiser. There is always music playing and with the great service it flows well for a perfect atmosphere. Finishing off nicely, with a patio and a vegetarian compatible menu, the Right Wing really gets every aspect of dining right. But the washrooms aren’t as clean as one would want them to be, and the wait time for food is 15 minutes, even when the place is empty. But the pros outweighed the cons, ten million to one. Definitely, a soon to be regular hangout, The Right Wing is easily a 4.7/5.


The Right Wing is located at2497 Yonge St (Yonge and Castlefield).