Ms. Brittain’s Retirement

Angalee Nadesalingam and Miranda Ramnares


“Thank you for all the memories” says Ms. Brittain with a smile, “it was really a pleasure to come to work every day”. Ms. Brittain has been a loyal and hard-working member of the North Toronto Administrative team. As head office admin, she has worked with both students and staff, always with a welcoming smile and helpful advice. Ms. Brittain has spent over 24 years with the TDSB, and 9 years at North Toronto. She cherishes her fond memories of helping design the new school and attending our fantastic school assemblies. In these nine years, Ms. Brittain has found that the “the staff were amazing to work [with] and [she has] made valuable lasting friendships”. She has had no regrets and admits that “it was a pleasure to come to work every day”. She enjoyed making friendships with the students as well, “it was a nice balance, [working] with both staff and students”. She adds, “I’d like to thank the great admin at NT for always having great teamwork, the excellent work of the principal, the vice principals and the guidance counselors.” Her dedication to the school, students and staff, and her warm smile will be greatly missed by all.  Though Ms. Brittain’s heart will always remain at NT, she is excited to begin a new chapter of her life.  She is looking forward to spending quality time with her loving family, particularly her children and grandchildren. But, what’s a great retirement without travel? Ms. Brittain plans to visit Florida, Mexico, and Europe over the following years.  “Perhaps”, she says, “I’ll spend some time doing some community work or taking courses”.  Wherever she goes, and whatever she does, North Toronto wishes her the best of luck for her golden years!