Reality Check

Krista Alexander


It seems like every year NT decides on a new event for Charity Week. Last year it
was the Amazing Race, and those who participated said it was extremely
successful and great to be apart of. However, they still decided to keep things
fresh and shake things up for this year, creating a new even called Reality
Check. This was an all-afternoon event with over 30 students participating, all
organized into teams. All the challenges from the event were based off of a
reality show, such as Cake Boss and Survivor. The event started at the
beginning of lunch with each team making their own t-shirts. There were many
more challenges that afternoon including dodge ball, dancing, and decorating.
It seemed everyone loved the last challenge, seeing as each team got to
decorate their own cake and then eat it too. In the end two grade 11 teams,
Team Grenades and Team PoPo, tied for first place. The prize was a tour of MTV
Live and VIP seats to watch the show! Afterwards, Kelsey McGraw-Yan said,
“Reality Check was such a good time, not only because our team won but it was
fun knowing that we were raising money for the cause while doing something
enjoyable.” Going into it, a few students were saying they were only
participating to miss an afternoon of class, but in the end every student had
gotten competitive and were keen to win the prize. The afternoon was lots of
fun and raised a significant amount of money for Spread the Net!