Julia & Laura’s Selections

Julia’s Section


Coffee place-Aroma at Bathurst and Bloor: Toronto’s first
Aroma in the Annex neighbourhood has got to be one of my favourite places to
pick up an Ice Aroma Light or Quinoa salad. Amidst the trendy stores and brick,
Victorian houses, at the corner of Albany and Bloor, this Aroma serves as a
community hub, and a place where I and someone else have spent many hours
working on…well…let’s just say it’s in your hands right now.

Book store-Type: With two locations – one in the Forest
Hill Village, one at Queen and Ossington – Type takes the cake as one of
Toronto’s coolest bookstore. Not only do they have a great selection of books,
but it’s a great place to pick up some interesting Toronto memorabilia. They
sell buttons of TTC subway stops with it’s station colour in the background.

Clothing store-Heidi*HO2 Yorkville: Located in the swanky
Hazelton Lanes, Heidi*HO2’s larger location in Yorkville houses cool new
clothes, jewelry and accessories. Whether you’re looking for an interesting
pendant necklace, a brightly patterned scarf, or a cute new dress, it’s
definitely the place to go if you don’t want to be caught wearing the same
thing as someone else. Heidi the owner also has a knack for putting together
some awesome outfits.

Ice cream-Dutch Dreams: My sister and I both have a
rule that we’ll only go once a year; it’s that good and…it will definitely fill
you up. The Dutch countryside inspired St. Clair and Vaughn Road ice cream
parlor is hands down the best ice cream in the city. With a range of Oreo to
Reese’s Pieces covered cones, and hefty scoopings of ice cream like Moose
Tracks or Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, and topped off with some whipped cream
and fruit, it is all that you could ask for in an ice cream cone. Caution: Go
on an empty stomach; the servings are monstrous.

Favourite Place in Toronto-Casa Loma steps: You may recognize
them from the skateboarding scene in Scott Pilgrim vs. The World (which made
the steps seem to go on for much longer than they really are), but it really is
one of the best places in Toronto to see the skyline. Climbing up the Casa Loma
Steps can be a real workout (trust me, I’ve been climbing them for years), but
the reward is being presented with the beautiful. On a clear day you can see
the lake, the ROM’s Crystal, and of course, an unmistakable shot of the CN
Tower. It’s a great place to come and see how vast our city is, and take
pictures for tourists.

Laura’s Section

Coffee place- Snakes and Lattes (600 Bloor Street West- Bloor and Bathurst): Coffee stores have to be one of the most commonplace things around
the Toronto, with at least five within a five minute walking distance from
Yonge and Eglinton alone. What makes Snakes and Lattes my favourite is that
there is nothing that commonplace about it. Not only is it a great place to
hang out over a cup of coffee, but it is also filled with hundreds (literally!)
of board games. For anyone who enjoys the rarer Harry Potter ones like me,
don’t worry, they have them!

Book Store- BMV (Bloor and Spadina): So if any of you
have been to the BMV by NT, you are probably wondering why on earth this would
be my favourite bookstore. And you would not be wondering for no reason – the
BMV by school is nothing special. The BMV in the Annex on the other hand, is
amazing. I first discovered it when I was little, looking for a full set of the
original Nancy Drews (not the new fake ones printed in only in paperback) and
immediately fell in love. It is two floors of every book you could want,
including many Indigo no longer carries as they have gone out of print. It is a
book-lover’s heaven.

Clothing Store- Courage My Love (Kensington): One of the
best vintage experiences in Kensington. It’s so much fun to browse through
their amazing selection, where you can find everything from jewelry to your
wedding dress. My favourite spot within the store: the treasure chest of old
buttons and jewelry.

Ice cream- Menchies: Up until a few hours ago I was
totally convinced about writing about the Hollywood Gelato on Bayview (also
delicious by the way!), but that was before I was taken to Menchies. Yesterday,
my friend was horrified that I had never been, and after going I am somewhat
horrified at myself. Though it’s technically frozen yogurt, the wall of
extensive and fascinating flavours is enough to make anyone fall in love. And
that’s before you get to the candy section. Word to the wise, they charge you
by the weight of your frozen yogurt creation, not a standard amount per cup!

Favourite place in Toronto- Boccone (south of Yonge & St.Clair): Yes, my favourite place in Toronto (as of right now) is a
restaurant. One day, driven by total starvation, Jess Adamson mentioned this
place she had once been to. We went, and it was so much fun. It is a tiny little
restaurant with pizzas, pastas and paninis. It has some of the friendliest
staff I’ve ever met, and its usually not too busy. It’s the perfect place for
just after school!