7: Agenda Peelings

Lily Ljubicic


Sometimes I think that I have mild OCD. That is why when my friend pointed out to me that the shiny thin piece of film covering my agenda was peeling at the corners, I immediately felt that this behaviour of my agenda was intolerable. These film covers are supposed to make our agendas look polished and attractive to the eye. They’re supposed to make our agendas look so attractive that we WANT to open them up, even though we know that we’ll merely see a long list of homework inside. “Look around”, my friend said, “Everyone’s peeling the film off.” And sure enough, I noticed that a lot of people had indeed already done it, leaving their agendas exposed and naked. In fact, it seems like this is becoming the latest trend! Eager now to hop on the bandwagon, my fingers began to itch; so great was my desire to peel off what I knew that without, my agenda would simply look dull and lifeless. But I had to do it. And so I did it. My immediate feeling as soon as I looked down at my newly shed agenda? Regret. Oh well.