Fall 2011 Issue

A note from our Editors…

Every new school year brings in new confusions. For some of you, it’s trying to figure out what floor you’re currently standing on, or maybe it’s the trigonometric function that represents the motion of a damped oscillator. But for others, it’s figuring out that no, room 338 is not the Student Council room. Okay, well maybe it is, but it’s not solely that. For those of you who don’t know, room 338 is the Graffiti Office – a place that is slowly becoming our second home. This room has become so close to our hearts, that, on a few occasions, we’ve actually been offended in our own home! One September, SVP Frank Hyun walked into the Graffiti Office with a puzzled look on his face and simply questioned, “What are you guys doing in here?” Ever since that not-so fine September afternoon, we’ve decided that it’s time for us to clear up this confusion, NT, and to set things straight. Welcome to the Graffiti office, where four times a year we, along with our dedicated editorial board, capture on newsprint the voice of North Toronto. Many strenuous hours of our own confusion (we had to buy InDesign for Dummies) have gone into putting together this first issue for you. However, needless to say, we have enjoyed every minute of it. Not only that, but this is an extremely exciting year for Graffiti and North Toronto. It’s our 100th anniversary, and Graffiti will be there every step of the way to report on its significance to our school’s heritage. Keep your eyes peeled for updates on the events, not only in your newspaper, but on our fantastic new website! We hope you enjoy this first issue NT, and that you are looking forward to this school year as much as we are.

Lily and Julia

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