Summer 2012 Issue

Dearest NTers,

Did you know that one mess-free way to eat Smart Food is eating it
out of a bowl with a spoon? That way your hands don’t get dirty, because if
your hands get dirty, then other things you touch get dirty, and by other
things we mean the laptop (or rather the Clunker as Lily likes to call it),
which we write this on. While on the topic of the Clunker – sorry, laptop –
this lil guy has seen it all. He’s watched us laugh, watched us scream, and
watched us cry; heck, it was mostly HIM who caused us all this grief.

Being the editors-in-chief of Graffiti this past year was a
whirlwind of adventures. We’ll never forget the endless late nights at school,
bonding with Mike the third-floor caretaker, and spying on the break dancing
club in the commons through our windows.

For this final issue, it’s been extremely rewarding to put together a big, glossy magazine to commemorate the school’s 100th anniversary, and to give you a keepsake of this
special year. In fact, this entire year has been a rewarding experience. From
reading hundreds of great articles by writers who were eager to contribute to
the paper, to picking up nine awards at the Toronto Star High School Newspaper
Awards, we can’t believe such a successful year of Graffiti is finally coming
to a close. Of course there have been the flukes – did we mention we
accidentally printed 2000 incomplete copies of the third issue? But aren’t these
the things that make us look back and smile?

So without further ado, we want to say thanks to our amazing team
who made our Wednesday lunches nothing less than entertaining. Thank you to our
contributors who put the words on our pages. Thanks to our readers who have
encouraged us to strive to make each issue better than the last. And most
importantly, thank you to Mr.  Zohar for your continuous support, ideas, and, of course, your hilarious jokes.

As we close this chapter in our lives, we make way for the new as
we head out to the big wide world. Thanks for the unforgettable times. For now,
we say adios.

Write on NT,

Lily and Julia



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