Farah, The Hotdog Vendor

Ahron Seeman


Even if you don’t like hotdogs, you’d have to be pretty out of it to not know Farah. Well, perhaps you haven’t known her by name – until now. Farah is NT’s favourite street-meat vendor. She’s been operating her stand on the northeast corner of Yonge and Roehampton for five years now, longer than any of us have been at this school.  Farah loves the location, not least because she gets to work among NT students (she actually said this, I promise). She likes working around students, she says, because they “remind [her] of [her] own children,” and they keep her young. We asked her to identify her favourite student – and she says she has a few – but she could only go as far as to say they are “teenagers.” I guess it could be any of us: I just hope they don’t go
to Northern.