Gotta Get Our Heads in the Game

Miranda Ramnares

It’s not often you read a news article that has some good news to share; but, this one does. At North Toronto, our girls’ sport teams are something to be proud of. Without the dedication of the coaches, and the determination of the girls’ teams, many of our successes would be lost. A great example is the junior girls’ basketball team whose drive and passion won them the city championship tournament last year.
However, their success would not have always been possible. Years ago, girls’ sports teams at North Toronto were not given nearly as much attention as they are now. Back when our parents would have been at school, girls’ sports teams got no funding whatsoever, and were not even allowed to practice on the field at NT.
 Fast forward to our high school years and you see a much brighter picture. When asked about how girls’ sports teams are doing today, Ms. Chamberlain, replied “our teams now have a great coaching staff…the GAA, which works towards ensuring girls have more  leadership opportunities.” Mr. Gorenkoff added that “the girls have been doing really well… people are starting to take notice”. A tradition such as Red and Grey day, which has frequently featured a boy’s football game, is now rotating to have matches between different sports teams at NT. 
The girls and coaches have worked hard to ensure that they get the respect and equality they deserve. When it comes to equality on the field, we at NT are and must forever continue to do an excellent job.