What is Tumblr?

Saige Duchen

aka keptunderthestars.tumblr.com


Move over Facebook, Tumblr is taking your place. According to Google’s dictionary definition, Tumblr is a blogging platform that allows users to post text, images, videos,
links, quotes and audio to their tumblelog. Users can follow other users, or
choose to make their tumblelog private. Tumblr is easy to use, and above all
addictive! “Tumblr is all the people you want to meet…Facebook is all
the people you wish you didn’t…”says Aleksandra Popovik, grade 11 NT student,
and fellow tubmlr user says.

Tumblr. Many of you have probably heard about it, wish you hadn’t heard about it because you’re now addicted to it, or think you’re too cool for it. The fact of the
matter is, Tumblr’s amazing. Even though a few of my friends tease me for
having a Tumblr account, I still love it. I’ve been tumblring since the summer
and I must say, I’m a little too addicted. “Who needs friends
when you have Tumblr?” –Says grade 11 and addicted tumblr user Leah

Tumblr doesn’t have a “news feed”, “friends”, “chat”, or “profile” like Facebook. There’s a dashboard, that could be compared to your news feed on facebook where pictures,
videos, and/or quotes are posted by your followers. On each piece of media (hi
Mrs. Bulgutch), there’s a “reblog” button and a “like” button. If you click
reblog then the photo/video/quote is automatically up on your Tumblr. Every
Tumblr user has a URL. This URL is the website name for your Tumblr. Instead of
having “friends” in Tumblr, there are “followers.” If you’d rather not reblog
other people’s Tumblr’s, dun worry, you can still post your own pictures,
videos, quotes or something from another website. I suggest weheartit.com- it’s
a keeper. You can communicate with other tumblr users by sending a message,
which has the option of being anonyomous. You can ask the Tumblr user anything
you want or comment on how amazing their blog is. Trust me, getting a message
is the greatest thing ever, they don’t come very often and I cherish each and
every one of them.

Why should you get Tumblr? I got Tumblr because I
was curious about what it was after seeing numerous URLs popping up on my
Facebook news feed regarding this innovative blogging world. I must say when I
first got Tumblr I was rattled because I had no idea how to work it, but after
a while you get used to it. “When I first saw Tumblr I was like what the hay- how
do [you] work this? Then it became a portal into a new world comparable to
Narnia,” said grade 11 NTer and Tumblrer Aleksandra Popovik. I do not regret one second of it; Tumblr is humorous, entertaining, and even pulls on your heart strings. “I got it because everyone using it said it was amazing so I thought I should try it out… Of course I’m not a normal artsy Tumblr kid, so I made it a humor blog,” said Leah Flanagan.

To sum it up: Tumblr is positively perfect and everyone should get it. Just ask any Tumblr user and they will tell you the magic and wonder of it all! So what are you waiting for? Start blogging friends!


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