NT’s New Art Gallery

Lauren D’Angelo


That’s right NT… we have an art gallery!

I know, I know, you didn’t think that deserved three exclamation marks.  Or perhaps you thought it deserved more.  Either way, I am here to inform you about the utter awesomeness of NT’s gallery.

The idea of NT’s student art gallery was formed by two super senior students who attended NT three years ago – Paniz Moayeri and Angela Kim, who also created the Art Council to promote art in the school.  When we got the new school, Ms. Marquis quickly saw the potential for the cozy little nook above the commons.  Fundraising began last year to establish the space as a gallery.  This year, the Student Gallery Curator, Joanne Lee, and her team help run and organize the gallery.

New shows are scheduled about every six weeks, and many clubs such as Manga, Photography, and the Media course have already booked the space.  But here’s the really cool part – the gallery is not just for NT’s clubs.  It’s also for individual students, or groups of students, who want to display their art.  So if you’re interested in showing a collection of your art, there will be opportunities throughout the year for you to share it with the school. 

According to Ms. Marquis, our art gallery is “a first for NT and is a huge step towards recognizing the contribution of visual arts to student life as well as to the overall importance of visual culture in our lives.”  In other words, NT is really lucky to get this gallery, and this work in progress really does enhance our school.  So take advantage of it!  Go and check out the art in the gallery – even if you don’t think it’s your thing, it’s pretty cool.  And if you’re into art, like all awesome people are, maybe you’ll want to put in a proposal for your own art. 

Look out for NT’s upcoming art projects, such as the Art and Stationary sale, the Soda Pop Shop Art Contest, and Spring Fling Sidewalk-Chalk Competition.  And don’t forget to check out the gallery- it truly is a sight to see.