Beauty Tips

Maria Nicula


Q: I have frizzy hair. How can I avoid it?

A: Well, worry no more! Throw away frizz-free creams, mousses and special shampoos because this tip will help you more than anything you put in your hair. After you take your shower, wrap your hair in an old t-shirt. What we tend to forget is that towels have bristles that can really affect the ends of our hair when wet.

Q: My nails take forever to dry. Is there any way I can get them to dry faster?

A: Simple! About 5-10 minutes after putting on your top coat, or when you’ve seen that your nails have begun to harden, place your hands underneath cold tap water, which will further solidify the polish. You should still wait a while after you cool them down, but this tip will help speed up the process. A way to avoid messing up your nails is to distract yourself while they dry. For example, watch some TV!