Kitty in the Commons

By: Hannah Karpinski

While reading the last issue of Graffiti, I was pretty caught up in the 10 loves and hates of the new school. Then, I saw it. We have mice!? Well NT, I think I have the solution: how about getting a cat? It’ll be like a class pet, but for the entire school. Come on, who doesn’t like cats? Putting up traps is completely out of the question because those are extremely inhumane, so the next logical step is to throw a cat into the equation. It will be really easy to take care of, because it’ll just eat the mice and chill in the Commons. But just in case we get PETA on our backs we might want to set up a litter box for it and take it to the vet from time to time. It’ll be the most loved animal ever! Well, as long as it doesn’t scratch the grad couch… after a while, it’ll probably end up smelling like lasagna and banana peels, but then every day we’d have a prime opportunity to sing ‘Smelly Cat’ (probably one of the best songs ever written).  So, whoever wants to step up and buy a cat for the Commons, I say go for it!