Graffiti Editorial Policy

Graffiti aims to inform, represent the views of, and showcase the talents of North Toronto Collegiate Institute students. Pieces of writing must be fewer than 1000 words, with the exception of short fiction, which must be fewer than 1500 words. Submissions from all students in all grades are encouraged. Submissions from staff, parents, former students and teachers are also accepted. Letters to the Editors are only accepted from those not connected with the school. Only poetry, short fiction and personal essays may be published anonymously.

The Editors encourage that articles be submitted directly by email. Otherwise, submissions may be emailed directly to the Graffiti staff, or submitted via CD or USB key to the bin at the back of room 309. It is the aim of Graffiti to do all it can to avoid plagiarized articles, but the Editors and North Toronto Collegiate Institute assume no responsibility for any such article. While opinionated and controversial articles criticizing policy or opinion are welcomed, articles containing slander or personal attacks will not be published.

The final selection of articles will be determined by the Editors. Articles that are not printed are kept on file for future issues. All submissions become the property of Graffiti and may be edited. Those submitting work automatically accept all the provisions of this policy. The Editorial Board retains final discretionary power in all matters relating to Graffiti.

For all public submissions, please send an email to