What Grinds Alexander Kellerman’s Gears

By: Alexander Kellerman

You know what really grinds my gears?

Cell phones. Especially when they start ringing in a quiet place. Everybody is looking at the phone owner, everybody knows it’s them. Yet, the person tries to play it off like it is not them!

People who take too long to order food. Picture a huge line. The one person in front of you tells the cashier, “I have a big order to fill.” They tell the lady what they want and then they change the order 300 times. You have had a lot of time in line to decide what you want, so make it quick, it’s called fast food!

Babies. They can be cute, or in public they can yell and scream. The parents are standing around doing nothing, acting like it is not their kid. Take care of your own baby. It’s your responsibility! Take care of it for the sake of everyone!

Texting, talking, eating or shaving while driving. It is the law for one reason. It’s dangerous. You should only be focusing on the simple task of driving. Do not put your, or others lives in danger!

Dogs. Not dogs in general, but when the owner just lets them run free wherever they want. Especially when there is a baseball game at a park without a fence (Eglinton Park). The owner as well disrupts the game. The world does not revolve around you.

Change. When the cashier will put the coins on top of the bill. Please cashiers, just give me the change first then the bill. If you put the change on top of the bill people will drop money all over the place. Then you have to pick it up. It is also annoying to then later put it away! It’s easy. Coin then Bills!

And that is what grinds my gears!