A Note from the Editors

It’s going to be a good year. It’s a new school, and we’ve got a brand new Graffiti office. There are many reasons to be excited about this.

1) We get to share with student council, and who doesn’t love to hear the most talkative people in school while trying to work?!

2) It won’t be freezing cold in the winter.

3) It’s better than an old AV closet.

4) We get a nice view overlooking the commons.

5) We can stay as late as we want (it’s 9:30 right now).

This year has gotten off to an eventful and busy start. We have been to the grand opening, had many ed. board meetings, and spent hours in the Graffiti office kerning the letters to perfection. (That means fixing the amount of space between L  E  T  T  E  R  S.) We were also given a special locker by the Graffiti office. (Sorry, Abe, we had to cut off the lock you illegally put on our locker. Guess you’ll have to climb that extra flight of stairs to the fourth floor.) We even had a surprise visitor tonight. We had a chat with a former NT student council president (from 2005). He was driving by the school, and decided to come in and see the brand new NT. Taking a look around the school, he saw the label on the office and decided to drop in. His first reaction to NT 2.0? “It’s flippin’ huge!” (paraphrased)

All in all, the new school is pretty cool. Yeah, we miss the old NT, and there’s no grad area (YET) but we’re pretty lucky. How many other TDSB schools have a triple gym, a beautiful commons, a heritage courtyard and a sparkling clean theatre? Not many.

This is a special commemorative issue of Graffiti, being the first issue to be distributed in a school where all the stairs lead somewhere. It is the work of many, many people, of whom we are only two. Reading this, you’ll find this is truly the voice of NT. Enjoy!

With love,
Samantha Kellerman and Yeogai Choy

P.S.: They’re actually kicking us out now.