Dub FX

These days, upon walking on the streets, you are likely to overhear someone listening to Taio Cruz or Pit Bull. But whenever I mention the name Dub FX, nobody ever seems to know him. Now, like most unknown artists, he lives under the radar. What I mean by this is that he is not signed on a contract to a record company. Instead, he spends most of this time traveling all around Europe and Asia to show people his talent. Dub FX isn’t your average every day performer. What makes him unique is that he beatboxes and sings at the same time. You may be asking, how is that possible? Well he has a Loop-station which allows him to record a soundtrack, and repeat it over and over again. He puts several loops on top of others to create a harmony of rhythms. On top of this he writes lyrics to go with the beats he makes, and in the end, there is a harmonious track which is replayed over and over again until the replay button is in fact “raped”. While Dub FX is working hard for people to acknowledge him, Justin Bieber is sitting back and looking at his views fly straight through the roof. According to me, many of the pop stars don’t deserve the fame  they get. Here you have Dub FX working his ass off to give the people of Europe mind blowing shows, while Lady Gaga is confusing her audience with her senseless lyrics. Dub FX is out there starting a revolution of free thinkers, mind blowing artists, and creative souls, while Katy Perry is singing about the big breasted women of California. And hell yeah I’m part of that revolution: the last time I checked, Usher didn’t inspire me to write songs on a daily basis. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not dissing the artists. I’m saying that their music has no meaning to it: it’s music that makes you dumber every time you listen to it because you keep listening to the same thing over and over again. I personally don’t know the artists, so I can’t say anything bad about them. Their music on another hand is something different. When I first listened to Dub FX, I was opened up to a world of new and incredible music that I never knew existed. Dub FX once said, “It’s possible to change this world, revolutionize the boys and girls. It’s possible to educate the next generation of the world.” So why can’t we do that? Let’s start by listening to some of his music or by writing our own. It’s better than listening to what’s on the radio nowadays. Now I can go on and on listing lyrics from his songs but I’m not going do that. Instead I’m going leave it to the ones who are interested from what I have already said to do that for themselves.  Sleep on it, and tell me what you think.