From Freak To Chic

By: Annie Robinson

How Lady GaGa has given society the confidence to push the fashion envelope further…

Lady Gaga is known for her famous music and boundary-pushing style, but has she had an influence on fashion trends? Does Lady GaGa’s clothing make you rethink fashion all together? The answer, yes. Lady GaGa has changed the perspective of what is truly normal and acceptable in the world of style. Think about it, Lady GaGa has transformed fashion into art and that art is changing fashion and style all together.

Lady GaGa‘s creative style is mesmerizing. She has turned our perspective of fashion upside down. Piercings, tattoos, extreme footwear, avant-garde hairstyles, face coverings, you name it. While a few years ago geeks and freaks were the only ones bold enough to express themselves the GaGa way, they now blend in and don’t rattle our sensibility! There is no way around it. GaGa is going mainstream and her look is everywhere.  It may be pared back and far less bold, but fall 2010 has taken her look to the street and she is defiantly influencing some of this autumn’s trends.

The corner of Yonge and Eglinton is not considered the bastion of pop culture and high fashion, but check out the latest trends just around the block from NT!

Leopard prints, thigh high boots, and shoulder pads are the edgy, attention-grabbing, trend of the moment. The look says “check me out, I’ve got it and I am not afraid to flaunt it.” Channel your inner diva and emulate your outer GaGa!

This fall, blonde has never been bigger, fish net tights have never been more popular, motorcycle hats are a hit and chunky booties have never looked so fab! The look is tough, rocker-chic and hard-hitting, so don’t attempt it unless you don’t have raw confidence and aren’t afraid of attention.

Calling all studs, from belts to wrist cuffs to shoulder detailing; studs are hot. Pencil skirts and saggy off the shoulder shirts are big too! Rough and tough stud meets classy lady. The 80’s rock star pop princess is alive and the Lady [GaGa that is] has this look in spades.

It’s in the eyes: from anime inspired to dark smoky, the eyes are accentuated. Shear lipstick is hot, and blush is subtle. The nails are done in dark shades and the length is often short.  This hip style of makeup is turning heads! No one in this part of town is going as far as painting a lightning bolt around their eyes or wearing goggle sunglasses but; shades were the fashion statement of the summer.

There is no doubt about it, Lady GaGa’s style is influential and helps define this season’s hot looks. All that being said, however, it will be a while before a meat dress makes its way down Yonge Street!