Grand Opening

It was a day to be celebrated. There was a media spotlight, returning alumni, and of course free “Red and Grey” Tim Horton’s donuts (donated by the Papageorge family) that were eagerly devoured by NT students. We had the privilege of being invited to official opening ceremony of the new school that was hosted in the student commons. Guests included the TDSB director of education, Dr. Chris Spence, our school trustee, Josh Matlow, returning alumni (including head of the NT alumni foundation, Neal Irwin), several teachers, Tridel architects (including the principal architect Paul Cravit), and other students holding leadership positions, including our student council president.

Speeches were made by Mr. Gorenkoff, Dr. Spence, Mr. Matlow, Mr. Cravit, Mr. Iriwin, and our own student council president, Martin Laws. Everyone in attendance could not stop marveling at the new school, and how amazing all the facilities are it is. As currents students mingled with alumni and other important figures, we had a chance to learn about the new school and what it means to different people. Alumni are impressed with the facilities at the new NT, but wonder whether their own memories can be translated across the property. To the TDSB representatives, the new NT stands as inspiration for other TDSB schools, of what can be possible with a lot of hard work, and corporate co-operation.

As the Alumni shared stories with students about their years and memories at the old NT, we got a better sense of how much they still love the school. This was an opportunity to visit the school that meant so much to them back then, and still means a lot to them now. With alumni support, many new things have been made possible in the new school. With hundreds of active alumni as real evidence, we can truly see the value and depth of NT.

Looking around the audience of the grand opening, it’s clear to see how many people really love this school. It’s quite remarkable to see how big of an imprint this one TDSB high school has left on the majority of its graduates, as well as it’s staff. Retirees were also present at the ceremony, paying homage to the school they taught in for years.

It was an exciting atmosphere, as everyone in attendance was still in awe at the new school. Watching a sped up video of the construction period from the beginning to the end in 30 seconds really captured the magnitude of the entire process. We have come a long way from the original NT.

Now back to our original address of 17 Broadway Avenue, the new NT stands tall, even though it is next to the condos. After the ceremony, there was a party filled with pop (donated by Tridel), pizza and of course, those Timmy’s donuts. At the lunch bell, the rest of the students were able to come and celebrate the real move into the new school the right way, with food.