New NT…Still Under Construction?

Our brand new school is still under construction.  Changes are still being made all around us. Just now, familiar traces of old NT are creeping into the school. Portraits of the athletes of the year are being put up, many of the scholarship boards are up already, and of course the portraits of old principals are up in the library. However, as Mr. Gorenkoff points out, “We’re still under construction. We’re in phase two.” This means that the old school will be demolished, the new field will be built, a walkway will be made, public art will be put up, and bleachers will be put up by the brand new field.

Students have been wondering when can we make this school really ours. Mr. Gorenkoff is quick to answer, “This school was built for the students and staff who work here. It is your school also.” Although many students don’t feel this way right now, we are allowed to somewhat “personalize” the school. With all of the heritage items, pictures, and awards being displayed, we won’t really have that much room on the walls to decorate. But we are allowed to put up posters on the walls, advertising new clubs and teams. However, as this is a LEED gold building, we should be conscious of paper use and really ask ourselves if it’s really logical to put dozens of posters up around the school. We’re in an electronic age now, and everything is going digital.

This environmental consciousness is something Mr. Gorenkoff really thinks is important to the students. That’s why he’s planning to install a 52 inch TV in the area outside the office, that was originally cut from the plan. It will display the date, time, what school day it is, sports practice announcements, meeting announcements and general things such as reminding students when the next late start is. It’s pretty sick! NT is getting high tech.

As items from the old NT are being put up displayed in our brand new school we still need to remember that there’s still a lot to be done. Mr. Gorenkoff estimates the finishing touches will take another 18 months. Grads, I guess we’re not the first class to be graduating from a fully finished school. Alas, Tridel is still on their master schedule. Despite the enormous amount of time spent on figuring out contracts and getting permits, we’re still on track.

With the transition from being fully under construction, to being in Phase Two, changes are still being made to the new school. The architects have a vision for this school, and it’s their job to make sure this vision is fulfilled. Whether it is making sure there are enough green and purple chair per classroom, they will make sure it happens.

It may be a while until the school is 100% complete, but we still have so much that we never had before. Be patient NT, one day, it’ll be all worth it.