Our New Trustee

By: Emily Dyer

On December 4, 2010 I had a chance to sit down with our new trustee, Shelley Laskin, to discuss our school, our riding, and board issues.

Ms. Laskin was the trustee from 1997 to 2003, when she resigned to take care of her high-school aged boys. She decided to run again this year because her boys have all gone on to university.

I asked her about the differences in our ward between seven years ago and today, and she said that our school “is still excellent,” and that the new school seems to be very “positive for the neighbourhood.”

She is very excited about the new technology in the school, but says that she is always looking for ways to “improve the improvement.” Ms. Laskin wants to talk to student leaders in academics, athletics, music, and all other facets of student life to find out what they want to see in the school. She would like to arrange a meeting in the next few months to do this, and to improve her connection to the school.