Quest for the Cup

By: Jarrett Wilkinson

In the year 2008, a ball hockey team was born and began its career in the North Toronto Floor Hockey League. The team was known around the school as the Davisville Park Ghetto Hockey Club; a team of grit, talent, and the will to win. In the first season of the hockey league, the team found itself in playoffs against the tough Wheeling Nailers Squad. The game went back and forth and would later enter overtime. Shortly into overtime, captain clutch Zak Morgan scored; , sending the team into semi-finals, and shocking the floor hockey world. They were defeated 5-7 by the Jew Crew Minus Two, who would later go to hoist the cup. In the off-season, the team signed power-house forward Rhys Evenson to a long-term contract. After an entire summer of bicep curls at the gym, fourth liner Daniel Reynolds was optimistic about the upcoming season for the Davisville Park Ghetto. The team entered their second season as a known threat around the league. In their sophomore year, the ball hockey club reached the goal every kid dreams about: the North Toronto Floor Hockey League finals. The game was against the McGuire’s Monsters. In preparation for the big game, the team’s practices were dedicated to suicides and the occasional prayers. The Davisville Park Ghetto lost by a heart-breaking 4-7. They were devastated with the loss and had a whole summer’s off-season to reflect on their disappointing end to the season. Now, in veteran Keenan Crawford’s final season with the Davisville Park Ghetto and the North Toronto Floor Hockey League, the team would like nothing more than to see the vet hoist the cup over his head for himself and the club. With semi-final and final appearances in the last two seasons, could this be the year the Davisville Park Ghetto finally becomes the champions of the North Toronto Floor Hockey League and gets their names etched into the cup? Only time will tell.