The Pink Atrocity

By Hayley Goldfarb

It sits ominously, looming tauntingly from the top of the next building. There is a constant nagging at the back of everyone’s head, wondering if it’s dangerous, if it should be eyed with caution. But no one really knows what it is. It sits, ever still, a large pink lump, mocking us, the students of North Toronto. No one really knows what the pink hump on the roof opposite staircase BB is.

There are many rumors and speculations, but as of yet none have been confirmed. Many students seem to believe that there was a murder on the top of the building, and that the pink thing is a sweater, the only remnant of the deceased victim. Others, such as Michelle Quaye, are less gruesome. Over and over again she has repeated, “I’m telling you, it’s a towel, it’s a towel.”

But who really knows what the object is? I, for one, am a fan of sending an expedition team across a zip line to the roof to indentify the object.

Other stories I have heard indentify the pink object as a pair of sweatpants or a blanket. I even overhead one student saying to his friend that it was a dead animal. Now I’m almost one hundred percent sure that we can agree to rule that one out, because as it turns out, bunny rabbits are actually not pink, nor is any other animal.

Even if we could get past the annoyance of not knowing what the object is, how are we ever going to get past not knowing how it got onto the rooftop? There is the typical story of a pair of lovers going to the rooftop, and one leaving his or her shirt, or worse, behind. However, the most original story came from an anonymous grade 10 boy. He thinks that a great vulture swept a shawl of a poor old lady and dropped it on the rooftop. At this point, I would say any story goes.

As the snow and slush and sleet and more snow begin to pile onto the sweater/sweatpants/shawl/towel, known in short as SSST, it will begin to disappear from view, but never from our hearts. And we can rest assured that when spring comes again, the students of North Toronto will again be agonizingly pondering what the pink unidentified object is, and where it came from.