Who Are We? Can’t You See? It Begins In the New NT!

By: Laura Murphy

As our first big event in the new school, red and gray day was a huge success! It brought out the best of the new NT, and brought back the spirit of the old NT. With things new all around us, it was nice to have something familiar and to continue old traditions. Though it took place in the new, high-tech auditorium, the spirit assembly managed to keep the old NT charm. With the red and gray balloons falling everywhere at the end of the assembly, and the winning home forms being called onstage to sing the school song, the only change was that we were actually sitting in clean seats. So many amazing traditions were started in the old North Toronto building, and it’s so good that they are continuing in the new one.
Even though we had really great red and gray days in the old building, the new one has allowed us to do so much more. With all the new technology it has allowed our classes to make their decorations bigger, better and more eco-friendly than ever. The media studies home form this year, whose theme was “movie premier” for those who missed it, had a green screen which allowed people to take pictures of themselves appearing in front of the Hollywood sign. They had hardly any waste; all of their things were made out of fabric and other reusable materials. With NEAT asking us to keep our waste as low as possible, classes came up with other creative ways to decorate. Ms. Markovski’s classroom used old red tablecloths to cover their lights, and make their room glow red. Many classes used their smart boards, white boards, and chalk boards to add to their decorations in a waste free way. The new building has added so much to red and gray day, and made it that much better.
In the first few assemblies of the year many people seemed to be concerned with “keeping the NT spirit alive” and “bringing that over from the old school”. Not only was this red and gray day the same as the old ones, but keeping the old tradition and putting it in the new school made it so much better. So many classes went above and beyond like Mr.Stamp’s heaven/hell theme or the vocal homeform’s miniature musical. Even student council went all out in their matching costumes with the glasses. This has been one of the best, most spirited red and gray days of my experience at NT; we even won the football game! Its days like red and gray day that make North Toronto, North Toronto. No other school loves their school, or shows it as much. And moving to the new building has made all of that so much better.