A New Governor General

By: Jonah Goldberg

On October 1, 2010, Canada’s 28th Governor General, a man who represents the best of Canada, was sworn into office. The Right Honourable David Johnston was born in Sudbury, Ontario, on June 28, 1941. He has been both a strong academic and an involved community member since his childhood.  In 1959, Johnston began attending Harvard University, where he excelled. He was both an excellent academic, and captain of the hockey team. He went on to earn a Bachelors of Law Degree, and become a lawyer. Next, Johnston went on to become a University Professor, and later Chancellor of two Universities; – McGill and Waterloo.

In June, Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced that he was nominating Johnston to fill the position of Governor General, which would be vacated by the incumbent, Michaëlle Jean, by October. A panel of some of Canada’s most experienced politicians and historians had been asked by the Prime Minister to sit down and create a list of recommendations of who should be the next Governor General of Canada. Never before has a Prime Minister asked for a panel to nominate candidates for the position; he usually just chooses someone himself. Harper’s choice was applauded by politicians of many political stripes across the country.

During his inaugural address to the federal Parliament, Johnston declared that as Governor General, he wants to concentrate on making Canada the envy of the world, supporting families and education, and focus on volunteering. Prime Minister Stephen Harper made a speech at the same venue, praising Johnston as a person with “remarkable intelligence and exceptional character.” He also praised Johnston for his public service, declaring that he thought that it was “not merely an option, it [was] a duty and obligation.”

Over the next five years, we can look forward to Canada’s Governor General demonstrating what a great country Canada is around the world. David Johnston is a true Canadian hero – a nice, smart guy with a big heart.