The End of Gummy Bears and Ginger Cookies… Or Is It?

Amani Tarud


You’ve probably met Mrs. Chisholm if you are either
on the Swim Team, taking grade ten French, or any German class.  I met Mrs. Chisholm three weeks into grade nine, when I had to switch into her German class due to scheduling conflicts.

Mrs. Chisholm (or Frau Chisholm, as I know her) is
the kind of teacher that one is very lucky to have.  You’d be hard-pressed to find a teacher that is so accommodating, caring, and tender.
She is passionate about what she does, and wants all her students to
feel the same passion as she does. As well, she wants all her students to
succeed and be happy.  She is sweet in figurative and literal ways; she is constantly giving her students gummy bears and ginger cookies (in fact, those same cookies go for over $100 at the Charity Week Teacher Auction).

Despite all these other amazing traits, though, Mrs.
Chisholm’s main quality is her drive.  I will never forget the many field trips we have had in German class, most of which she had personally arranged, or her willingness to spend her entire Saturday at various different schools while her students, one by one, do their tests for German Language Certifications. (In fact, when I went, I was the only NT student there, and she made sure to be there the whole time for me.)
She is the kind of teacher that is more than willing to give up her time
before school, after school, and during lunch to make sure that you understand
a topic.  And, if your spare happens to coincide with hers, she’s more than happy to give you that time, too.  In fact, if you know anyone who is taking
Year Three German, you’ll notice that she gives up every one of her lunch hours
to teach an extra class of twelve students.  If that’s not devotion, I don’t know what is.

Mrs. Chisholm is the kind of teacher that will dedicate all her time to her students;  from
making sure that everything is going smoothly to coming up with creative
projects and fun lessons.  But sadly, everything good must eventually come to an end.

Mrs. Chisholm will be retiring once this year is
over.  After over thirty years of teaching, most people would say it’s time she takes a break… but fear not!  Knowing Mrs. Chisholm, you’ll probably still
see her roaming the halls of NT as a supply teacher, or at OFSAA with the swim
team.  After all, to a spirited soul, time is endless.