Lily and Laura’s NT Bucket List

Lily Ljubicic and Laura Murphy


1. Hear your own voice over the
PA system:

Whether it’s because you’re a
member of the fabulous hot air staff or because you just begged your way into
making an announcement, nothing beats the feeling of hearing yourself
broadcasted through the halls of NTCI. Sadly, only Laura has completed this
item on our bucket list.

2. Hunt someone down in Gotcha
and make a new Facebook friend:

For those of you who have never signed up for Gotcha because the thought of being stalked, even just within the halls of NT, really freaks you out, you are all missing out (but if it’s at all comforting, Laura can relate to you!). By the end of your four
years at NT, we challenge you all to hunt down someone you don’t know in
Gotcha. Creepy though you may feel, you just might gain a new Facebook friend
out of it.

3. Be in at least one NT fashion
show, and come and watch the rest:

Whether you’re a model or
designer, a member of aesthetics, accessories, or set design, an exec, or even
a director for fashion show, everyone should experience the final fashion show
walk-out at least once in their NT careers. When the night of the show finally
arrives and everyone’s hard work is shown off to a large audience, the final
walk-out is when everyone shares that feeling of a job well done. If you can’t
be a part of that feeling, be one of the members of the audience giving it!
Fashion shows at NT are so much fun.

4. Get your name in Graffiti- preferably because you actually wrote something:

Graffiti is a wonderful thing. What
better way is there to share your opinion on an issue with the entire
school that in Graffiti? Even if you don’t consider yourself a writer, you
have to admit that it’s a rewarding feeling seeing your name in print, and
you’ll be able to boast that you’ve written for the number one high school
newspaper in Ontario (not that we’re bragging or anything). So write for
Graffiti – it’s a win-win situation!

5. upport the Caf- buy breakfast sandwiches:

Although Laura’s more of a pancake
person, every morning I find myself envious of other people’s breakfast
sandwiches from the cafeteria. Georgia always finds a way to make them
look so deliciously greasy that on more than one occasion I have found
myself drooling throughout homeroom at the thought of them. Support our
school caf – don’t do a Timmy’s run, buy a breakfast sandwich.

6. Be on Mr.Zohar’s “best dressed” list at Prom:

Many NT girls (the two of us
included) have been looking forward to prom for months. Endless amounts of time have gone into the planning process: searching for the perfect hair,
makeup dress, shoes, date… While you boys may think us girls are crazy
and that no one actually cares, you couldn’t be more wrong. There is one
person ready to judge our prom look: Mr. Zohar! Every year he scours out a
girl to add to his prom best-dressed list. Last year it was Veronica
Badali, and this year we hope for it to be one of us!

7. Get your name on the
No-More-Photos Yearbook list:

The Yearbook staff creates a
list every year of students who have been featured so many times in the
Yearbook that once their name is put on the no-more-photos list, they are from
then on forbidden from being in any more Yearbook photos. Being added to this
list is not only a great accomplishment because it means you’re enthusiastic
about NT, but it is also a huge compliment because it means you are so
photogenic that the Yearbook staff can’t stop admiring your face!

8. Go to the Grade Twelve Art
Showcase and buy a piece of art:

Other that Laura’s one measly
year of grade nine art (Lily took the drama route), neither of us have ever had
much to do with NT’s art department. It wasn’t until one of us accidentally
stumbled into the grade 12’s art showcase that we really got to see the work of
our peers. It is incredible. Now we sincerely regret missing out on all the
previous showcases. Look out for NT art – and don’t forget to buy your
favourite pieces.

9. Though technically it isn’t a
part of NT… Have the Starbucks Workers know your name:

Although Lily wishes she could
reach this level, she is no where near achieving ‘Extreme Starbucks Customer’
status. Myself, Mr. McNaughton, and Louise Castonguay are the only three true
Starbucks people I know of at this school. Why is this? Because the baristas actually
know our names. Good luck at your next school Lils, at least you can call
yourself a gold rewards member.

10. Paint your body fully red for
Red and Grey Day:

Though neither of us have ever done it, now that our Red and Grey Days are
over, we kind of wish that we had. Pulling an Alec Ray Sherman and painting
your entire body red seems like the number one way to show off school spirit!
Who knows, maybe next year, our school colours will be more flattering than