I Swear She’s a Ninja

Sabina Wex


            NT students were shocked at the sudden absence of our beloved hall monitor, George. Students were even more shocked when we received our substitute, Kimberly. The reason many students were surprised—and some even outraged—that Kimberly was our new hall monitor is because she doesn’t look like your typical hall monitor. George looks like a tough guy who you definitely don’t want to mess with, whereas Kimberly gives off a gentler first impression. But once students started to see Kimberly in action, they didn’t underestimate the good judgement of the administration for hiring her.

            Kimberly has always loved working with youth. Her original plan was to be a social worker, but with the downturn in the economy her plan had to be put on hold.

            “It’s really hard to get a job as social worker,” says Kimberly. “There’s already so many of them.”

            Working with youth seems like the ideal fit for Kimberly—she has had such an interesting life that most youth only dream of. Seven years ago, Kimberly worked as a makeup artist with Maybelline. That’s right, she was the one who gave millions of women the maybe-she’s-born-with-it look. Kimberly would sometimes work at kiosks at the mall, asking women if they’d like to get a makeover, or at clubs, helping women apply makeup when they took bathroom breaks.

            “Since I was 13, I’ve been in love with makeup,” laughs Kimberly. “I started off with eyeliner…as you can see, it escalated.”

            Oh yes, many girls have noticed Kimberly’s incredible makeup application, wondering how she puts on her eye shadow so perfectly. It’s no surprise that Kimberly has been featured in ElleCanada, Sway, and Vogue as a model for their articles. Not only that, but she’s walked the runway at the infamous LG fashion week.

            “I prefer photographs to runway,” Kimberly adds. “You can do different things in a photograph, but a runway’s always the same.”

            You might think that having a part-time model as our hall monitor probably wouldn’t be the best protection in the case of a lockdown, but have you heard that girl yell!? When I come in at 8:58, bolting to get to class, she is yelling at the top of her lungs at everyone to “GET TO CLASS! YOU. HAVE. TWO. MINUTES!” That sergeant voice scares me every time, even after hearing it for a solid two weeks straight. And just because Kimberly is slim, you can tell she’s a secret ninja. However, she won’t admit to this (no good ninja ever does).

            “My supervisor skills are probably what got me this job,” says a smiling Kimberly. “I am very good at keeping things under control.”

            Not only does Kimberly get every NT student to class on time, but she is also great at making sure everyone is okay. A few weeks ago, I left my phone in the washroom. I frantically ran back to the bathroom, scanning the floors on the way, but I couldn’t find it anywhere. I sadly walked around wondering why anyone would want to steal a Sony Ericsson 2007 that barely even works. But then I remembered that the office has a lost and found! Thankfully, it was taken down to the office, by our own superwoman of a hall monitor, Kimberly. The next day I went up to her to thank her for her gracious deed that saved me from being grounded until I graduate. After that, she always waved and smiled to me in the halls, and we often had quick little chats, making me sad to find out that she would be leaving by exam time.

            “I really like NT,” Kimberly observes, “Even though some of the girls gave me some sass at the beginning, most of the students are well behaved and friendly.”

            Without a doubt, Kimberly will be missed. We wish the halls could be ruled by both George and Kimberly, but, unfortunately, there can only be one Keeper of the Halls. You will always be in our hearts, Kimberly, and I’m sure we’ll soon be seeing you on the cover of Vogue!